Giuseppe E. Rapisarda | Fuori è dentro


Unusual days upon our times – when
I can her something
something I wish was there
at our place an inner time I hear.
Ten minutes
one day.
Or is it real?


In the words of Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges, time is ‘our very substance‘. Many of us realised that during the pandemic lockdown of 2020.
Time related dynamics have a significant influence on our contexts and relationships. When something terrible or threatening happens (pandemic, war, accidents, diseases, violence, forced migration, etc.), it alters our experience of time. Thus we no longer recognise ourselves in the things of our everyday life, and we are left wondering whether our time, and even the spaces we live in, have been real or not.

This feeling of estrangement calls into question our identity and position in the world, and may occur also without a traumatic event. This can be the case when we fall in love; it may happen to those who fight for a better society and, when not fighting through other means, they do so through the means of their imagination, daydreaming of a different and better future; it does happen to artists, and it can happen as a spiritual experience; in science and other disciplines, it sometimes happens to researchers, as well as to sportspeople in some circumstances.

The experience of time during pandemic lockdown inspired this piece of sound art by Giuseppe E. Rapisarda, “Fuori è dentro” (Italian for ‘Outside is Inside‘, or ‘ Outer is Inner‘), released for you as a 2-channel stereo track, sensitively mastered by Luca Rinaudo a.k.a. Naiupoche.
“Fuori è dentro” draws from the field recordings Giuseppe made at his place during the 2020 lockdown, encapsulating in ten minutes the surreal (or real?) sense of time of one whole day.

Fuori è dentro” has already made its way to many major international festivals of electronic music and soundscape, and we are very happy to make it available to you.
We recommend listening with decent audio (headphones at least, better still with good speakers). Even more recommended a listen committed to and for yourself, so as to experience, as Borges suggests, ‘the amazement in the fact that time, our very substance, we can actually partake and exchange‘.

Field recordings (Palermo, Italy, April 2020), sound design and composition by Giuseppe E. Rapisarda

Mastering: Luca Rinaudo at Zeit Studio (Palermo, Sicily – ITALY)

Cover photo by Giuseppe E. Rapisarda

Curator: Gianluca Cangemi