Indicative | 3 _ awake / existence / decline


All music by INDICATIVE:

Giancarlo & Emanuele | guitars
Betto | bass
Pit | drums

Screams on “We Get What We Deserve”: Meddi (from Your Noisy Neighbors)

Album produced by Indicative & Luca Rinaudo a.k.a. Naiupoche
co-producers: Danilo Romancino & Gianluca Cangemi

Recorded live-in-studio on December 2016 by, and mixed by Pietro “Pit” Pitingaro and Indicative at 21esimo Livello Studio, Palermo (Sicily, Italy)
Stem mastered by Luca Rinaudo at Zeit Studio, Palermo (Sicily, Italy)

Art and design by Emag Design and Antonio Cusimano a.k.a. 3112htm