Giuseppe E. Rapisarda | FRDM / (h)ear

It’s about free speech and freedom of expression, about how these rights are betrayed by humans themselves. We often let the word “freedom” itself be emptied of its truth, we make it unutterable, sometimes to the point of non-existence. Hence this title, “FRDM”, which is not an acronym of some sort, but “freedom” without its vowels.

A place that never existed. Many sound objects out of their normal contexts, put together in order to create a virtual soundscape. Real is our ears’ illusion, a matter of perception.

All music composed and produced by Giuseppe E. Rapisarda

Mastering: Luca Rinaudo at Zeit Studio (Palermo, Sicily – ITALY)

Cover art and graphic design by Antonio Cusimano a.k.a. 3112htm