Forsqueak | FSK

Bruno Pitruzzella | electric and acoustic guitars
Sergio Schifano | electric baritone guitar
Luca La Russa | bass
Simone Sfameli | drums
Guest musicians:
Davide Di Giovanni | Korg MS-10 analogue monophonic synthesizer on “Batwai”, “Narabo”, “Kim Ki Duk”, “Monday” and “Kitalpha”
Piero Bittolo Bon | alto saxophone on “Kindred”
N’Hash | beat programming on “Monday”
Gianluca Cangemi | additional counterpoint on “Kitalpha”
Music by:
“Batway”, “Kim Ki Duk”, “Monday” and “Kitalpha” composed by Sergio Schifano
“Narabo”, “Don Dolando” and “Hamster” composed by Bruno Pitruzzella
“Kindred” composed by Luca La Russa
“Lay” composed by Gianluca Cangemi & Luca Rinaudo

Album produced by Luca Rinaudo
co-produced by Gianluca Cangemi and Danilo Romancino
Recorded by Luca Rinaudo, assisted by Salvo Cascio, Marco Nascia and Danilo Romancino, at Zeit Studio, Palermo (ITALY)
Mixed and mastered by Luca Rinaudo at Zeit Studio, Palermo (ITALY)

Art direction and graphic design by Antonio Cusimano /