Duo Blanco Sinacori | Hacked Arias ( Vol. 2 )

Guitars: Duo Blanco Sinacori

‘Ah!, non credea mirarti’ (track 1) from ‘La sonnambula’, 1831
‘Son vergin vezzosa’ (track 3) from ‘I puritani’, 1835
‘Casta diva’ (track 5) from ‘Norma’, 1831
Music by Vincenzo Bellini – Transcriptions for guitar duo by Duo Blanco Sinacori

‘Sono luci lontane’ (track 2) and ‘Nell’ombra che dilegua’ (track 4), 2018
Music by Marco Betta, from ‘Bellini ultime luci’, specially recomposed for this album and dedicated to Duo Blanco Sinacori

Album produced by Gianluca Cangemi & Luca Rinaudo

Recorded by Luca Rinaudo and Gianluca Cangemi at Zeit Studio, Palermo (Italy)

Mixed and mastered by Luca Rinaudo at Zeit Studio, Palermo (Italy)

Art direction, artwork and design by Antonio Cusimano / 3112htm.com

Alessandro Blanco & Giuseppe Sinacori play twin guitars custom made by Vincenzo Candela