This release is a labour of love, dedicated to a human being who became a living root for and of many musicians in Sicily and elsewhere: Lelio Giannetto (1961-2020).
All the proceeds from the selling of this album will go to funding the living legacy of Lelio as a cultural activist and concert organizer with his Curva Minore.

Tommaso Miranda | baritone saxophone
Lelio Giannetto | double bass
Domenico Sabella | drums

All music by Radicetersa (Lelio Giannetto, Tommaso Miranda, Domenico Sabella) except “Mandala” by D. Sabella, and “La fine è il mio inizio” by T. Miranda
Produced by Radicetersa for Curva Minore
Production consultants: Gianluca Cangemi & Luca Rinaudo
Recorded live-in-studio on January 3, 2020 at Zeit Studio (Palermo, Italy)
Recording, mixing and mastering engineer: Luca Rinaudo
Studio assistant: Marco “N’Hash” Nascia
Producer: Gianluca Cangemi
Art direction, artwork and graphic design: Enrica Di Gangi
Product manager: Gianluca Cangemi

©℗ 2021 Almendra Music [AM0049] / Curva Minore [CM0001]